White Wine

Blushing Squirrel                         

A unique combination of four wines offering sophisticated and tropical flavors.


Sweet Squirrel                                                                                 

A refreshing sweet blend of Vidal and Catawba varieties with a hint of tartness.

Fuzzy Tail                                                                                           

A fun, semi-sweet blend of Vidal and Niagara with floral and grapefruit notes.

Woodland White                                             

A crisp, white, semi-dry Riesling blend with light notes of Apricots and peaches.

Red Wine

Sassy Squirrel                                                                                        

A sweet concord blend with fruit forward expressions. A delightfully juicy flavor.

Flying Squirrel                                                                                      An off-sweet blend of Concord with a slight tart finish and a zesty taste.

Lost Nuts                                                                                                 

 A sweet, fruity start that smooths out to a mellow dry finish. Blended with California Syrah, Merlot and Pink Catawba

Woodland Red                                                 

A light bodied dry blend of California Cabernet and Merlot with smooth tannins and hint of oak.

Blind Squirrel Original                                                                       

A dry full-bodied blend of Old Vine Zinfandel and Syrah with deep overtones of current and black cherry.

Wines may change seasonally. Tasting flights available.